We're supported

Our leasing business is strongly supported by the entire Chorus Aviation organization – a group of companies that offers a full suite of support services embracing the entire lifecycle of regional aircraft.

We’re diversified

Our regional aircraft portfolio includes aircraft from Airbus, Mitsubishi, ATR, Embraer, and De Havilland, placed with customers across globe.

We're focused

Our portfolio features young, fuel-efficient regional aircraft in the 70-150 seat segment. Our fleet is focused on turboprop and regional jet aircraft types that are category leaders in modern technology, efficiency, and operating economics.

We’re experienced

Our energetic and dedicated team of aviation industry experts has a wealth of experience and a proven track record of optimizing leasing solutions for our customers. We operate globally and have offices in Dublin, Halifax, London, and Singapore.

We’re ready

Regional aircraft leasing is an attractive, scalable business with strong growth and financial dynamics. We are the second-largest regional aircraft lessor in the world, and the only large regional aircraft lessor that is backed by an experienced large fleet operator.